LogoWelcome! As Malaysians we have much to be proud of, and thankful for. We share a rich cultural heritage, a peaceful existence, and a stable political and economic climate. But more importantly, we live in a beautiful land, endowed with a wealth of remarkable natural wonders that has become the source of awe, admiration and inspiration of people from all over the world. This land is truly blessed.

It is imperative that we do not take our blessings for granted. It is vital that we play an essential role as custodians of this land not only for the benefit of all mankind, but also for our children and future generation. It is time for us to take action. This is not the job for one person or organisation. We all have to take equal responsibility as Malaysians, in an equal and One Malaysia.

This site is previously setup with the aim of highlighting and hopefully addressing to keep our tourist sites clean, litter free and ever enchanting not only for our visitors, but also for our children. It has been evolved to share about travel guide and tips around Malaysia. You still can see some of our past projects. Moving forward, we will share more articles about travel spot around Malaysia. We hope you enjoy the post.

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