Filming Your Pre-Wedding Video at Langkawi Island Malaysia

Filming what happens before your wedding is a great way to document everyone’s feelings and the atmosphere. A lot of couples hire someone to film their wedding ceremony and their reception but few people think of having someone film what happens just before the wedding. Filming as much of that day as possible will help you keep these memories fresh in your mind as the years go by. Watching your wedding and your pre-wedding videos truly is a magical way of connecting with your spouse and with your family.

WherestheFish Wedding video recommends Langkawi Island, Malaysia as the ideal setting for your pre-wedding video. You will find some amazing landscapes on the island while having access to all the amenities you need to make your guests comfortable. Filming your pre-wedding video on the island will capture the unique atmosphere and exoticism of your destination wedding while providing you, your significant other and your guests with an amazing background for your pre-wedding activities.

beautiful Langkawi sunset
Ask yourself what kind of pre-wedding video you would like to have as a keepsake. If you want to remember the way you felt just before exchanging vows and marrying the person you love, work with the wedding video professional you hire to put together a video where you, your significant other and your guests talk to the camera or answer a few questions. You can also opt for a much shorter video that shows everyone having fun and sharing drinks. Some couples would rather have a professional film them while they get ready for the wedding. Take the time to think of an idea that reflects who you are as a couple and that will make your pre-wedding video a good keepsake you will want to watch again over the years.
You should talk to your significant other and to your guests to get a better idea of the kind of pre-wedding video they would want to film. They will probably help you come up with some original ideas. Talk to the professional you hire to film your video and give them a good idea of what you want. Be as specific as possible so that the person you hire can put together a video that truly reflects who you are as a couple. The professional you hire will probably want to ask you a few questions to get to know you better.Langkawi beach
Decide whether or not you want to have someone film everything before your wedding or schedule a specific time and place for filming. Even though professionals are very discreet and will not get in the way of your pre-wedding activities, having someone film you and your guests at all time can feel intrusive and make it difficult for everyone to act naturally.

If you would rather have some privacy, schedule a time and a place where a shorter video will be filmed. The professional you hire to film your pre-wedding video will also edit it. Let them know what kind of style and atmosphere you are looking for. If you have any specific requests for a soundtrack or some opening credits for your video, share all this information with the professional you hire in advance.

Make sure they will be able to edit the video to create something you will love. Ask if you can see some of the videos and they have filmed and edited in the past to get a better idea of what they can do.

Pre-wedding video shoot
Filming a pre-wedding video in Langkawi Island Malaysia will provide you with an amazing keepsake of your destination wedding. Take the time to think about what kind of video you want and hire someone who is experienced.