The Best Food In All Of Malaysia Is Offered By G.G.T. Lakeview

Fusion restaurants are the hottest fad in the food industry these days. A large number of restaurants in Kuala Lampur have embraced the fusion concept, and offer a wide variety of dishes of this type. B.G.T. Lakeview Restaurant and Bar, located in Petaling Jaya’s restaurant strip, is one of the finer fusion restaurants you can visit.

A fusion of Asian and Italian cuisine is offered by B.G.T. Lakeview, a unique fine dining restaurant in PJ. This provides the food with a unique and special taste that customers really enjoy. Although traditional cooking methods are using for preparing the dishes, a number of different ideas are innovated by the chefs when they are creating their recipes.

They offer a wide variety of different dishes that you can choose from, perfect for any occasion or event. There are unlimited pasta dishes offered at lunchtime, ranging from spaghetti Bolognese to spaghetti carbonara, and practically everything in between is served. All of the wide variety of pasta dishes need to be tasted in order to believe how delicious they are.


Spaghetti Aglio Olio is the crown jewel of the pasta menu at B.G.T. Lakeview. Over the last seven years it has been the most ordered item on the menu and the top selling pasta dish. That is a tall order to follow, and no other dish has been able to come anywhere close.

Asian_Style_Italian_PastaIf you are a seafood lover, then you will definitely love the great variety of seafood sitting on top of the pasta. They combine squid, prawns and mussels, and they provide you with a very generous amount. The dish is cooked by the B.G.T. Lakeview chefs using an Aglio Olio style. Garlic and chili are added as flavors to finish this amazing dish. Unlike so many other restaurants that confuse “flavor” with “hot,” they ensure that the seafood’s flavor isn’t overpowered by the garlic and chili. If this dish interests you, but you aren’t sure if that’s the only pasta dish you would like to try, you are in luck. It is served as part of their all-you-can-eat lunch menu!


No Italian restaurant can go without including pizza on the menu. This is also true of an Asian-Italian fusion restaurant. The pizza menu at B.G.T. Lakeview is the best, because instead of using a mechanical oven, they use a wood fire oven. If you haven’t even had pizza that has been cooked on a wood fire, it’s an amazing experience that you are missing out on. A wood fire provides the pizza with a smokey, fruity wood essence which creates an unbeatable flavor combination.

Simply put, it is the best tasting pizza you will find in Kuala Lumpur. It is world class pizza, in fact, since you won’t find any other wood oven pizza in all of Asia.
Beautiful Surroundings

The food will draw you into B.G.T. Lakeview, but you will want to stay well after your meal is over due to the gorgeous view. The restaurant sits right next to one of most beautiful lakes in Petaling Jaya. It creates a very peaceful ambiance that provides a special dining experience.

If you love the food and location, you’ll want your next big event to be hosted by B.G.T. Lakeview. They have a large function room that is available for hosting weddings, birthday and other large gatherings. They also offer catering if you would prefer your event to be someplace else, but would still like to enjoy the delicious food from B.G.T. Lakeview.

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