Tour Putrajaya in Malaysia

Putrajaya, also referred to as the “Savvy Garden City “is an upcoming and developing city close to Kuala Lumpur. It is the managerial city to the government of Malaysia and is geographically located 30 Kilometers to the south of Kuala Lumpur. Among its close neighbors is Cyberjaya which is constructed similarly but is known for the high quality IT services that it offers. This area was once referred to as Prang Besar. Check out these comprehensive information on Mytravellane Putrajaya tour.

Beautiful Putrajaya
Putrajaya takes up about 4,930 hectares of endless land. This land was initially covered with palm ranches long before the Malaysian government it from the surrounding condition of Selangor. The master plan of this city comprises the land along a hub, running all the way from east to the south east area with surging territory.
Up to 40% of the land covered by Putrajaya is well known. However, the scenery has been developed and changed by man. There is more plantation on the land as well as greenhouses with organic foods. In addition, there are many waterways and wetlands in the area. There are five conjunctions that meet at the northern area of Putrajaya forming a conduit known as the Putrajaya Lake. This lake then streams all the way through the city.
There are various means of transport through which to get to the city of Putrajaya. One pf the easiest means of transport is through air. The airport that is in its closest proximity is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. One takes a taxi to as well as from the airport which takes up to 30 minutes of travelling. This could cost at least RM60.
If one travels by taxi, , the cost is about RM45, but one can pay a  lower amount if they negotiate. The price id higher during the evening. For one that chooses to travel via train, there is the Kuala Lumpur Sentral Train Station. This train stops at Putrajaya in its way to the airport and back, therefore it is a fast way to travel. These train run according to the scheduled time, they may take 20 minutes to get to the destination and the cost may be around RM9.50. There are no return tickets.
It should be noted that there are two types of trains at the Kuala Lumpur train station. One should board the KLIA Transit as it actually stops at Putrajaya. The KLIA express only passes by Putrajaya but does not stop in the town. Extra caution is advised during boarding of the train.

While in the city, there are various options on how one can navigate in the city of Putrajaya. However, the transportation within the city is not highly developed. Nadriputra transports are what is common within the city. They operate from the KL train station to an undefined times and may not have predetermined destinations. They charge around 50 sen for adults and 30 sen for anyone below the age of 12.

It would be better to enquire at the KLIA or the KL train station regarding any set travel schedules. There are preset 2 hour visits on Saturday as well as on Sunday at 11.30AM to 3PM. They charge around RM1, according to Selera Putra.

Putrajaya’s main attractions include the structures that are in the downtown region of this promising capital city. It should be noted that clothing rules and regulations apply in this city but in specific areas. These include Putra Mosque, Seri Perdana as well as Perdana Purta. The mosque offers free pink robes. There should be no t-shirts, singlets, shoes, shorts or any indecent clothe for women.

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